JJ Charlesworth: "Unfinished Subjects" for Dukan-Hourdequin Gallery (Paris)

Andrew Hunt: "Alicia Paz" for Ruth Benzacar Gallery (Buenos Aires)

Yves Michaud: "When the painting paints itself" for Vidal Saint-Phalle Gallery (Paris)   

Alison Green: "Conversation Pieces" for Unit 2 Gallery, London Metropolitan University (London)

Maria Fusco: "The Mechanical Copula" for Casanova Forever FRAC Longuedoc-Roussillon (Montpellier)

Hubert Besacier: "Voyage Sentimental" for LienArt (France)

Michael Szpakowski: "Alicia Paz, Builder of Worlds"  2016, (London)

Indra Khanna: "Alicia Paz for MAstars 2008" MA Painting, Royal College of Art, (London)

Frank Lamy: "Alicia Paz" for Maus Habitos, 2004 (Porto)

Holly Walsh: "Alicia Paz" for East International, 2004 (Norwich, England)